The Problem

The state of health care in United States has reached dire consequences. Escalating costs for even the most basic of treatments is a concern not only for the individual, but for employers and insurance companies alike. Recent statistics show that at least 80% of  illnesses and disease reported in Canada and America are preventable, that is approximately 980,000 deaths! Heart disease (a lifestyle and preventable disease) accounts for about 50% of this number. Let’s look at what the latest research is saying:

  • Lifetime medical costs an individual approximately $225,000. (1)
  • The US ‘health’care system is by far the most expensive system, spending significantly more than other countries but resulting in poorer health outcomes. (2)
  • The average cost per person per year for healthcare in 2010 was $8,233, this is 2 and 1/2 times more than most developed nations. (3)
  • 18% of health care costs come in the last few years of life. (1)

For companies decreased work productivity and increased sick days due to poor health is costing them money. Options are out there to incentivize employees to be healthy but they are rarely seen to work. The best method seems to be health promotion within the workplace.

The Solution

Wellness Workshops – we offer a variety of wellness workshops focused on nutrition, exercise, stress management, weight loss, ergonomics and injury prevention. The intention of the workshop is to provide compelling and inspiring information for your employees to take action to become a healthier person. The topic and subsequent goal of the workshop will be dependent on your needs and can be tailored to suit your request.

Wellness Assessments – these assessments will be performed by a doctor of Chiropractic and will allow the employee to be given a ‘Wellness Score’ to determine how they are functioning. The Wellness Score combines objective and subjective data to give an overview of where their health is at. This score is a great launching point for a lifestyle change to help increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve company culture.

Chiropractic Adjustments – using chiropractic care for back and neck pain is only the tip of the iceberg as the benefits from regular care can include increased digestion, better sleep, mental clarity, increased immune function and increased energy. We can provide time blocks to provide chiropractic care so you don’t have to leave office! Current research demonstrates how chiropractic care can benefit your corporations bottom line.

The Benefits

Your most important resource – your employee, should be taken care of with an investment that works. Corporate Wellness Programs have been shown to work! Check out the research below:

  • Fewer workdays were lost and lower amounts of disability compensation and provider cost paid when chiropractic was included in the care pattern. (4)
  • Chiropractic for at least two years showed that this treatment could lead to a 55-75% reduction in the number of daily absences from work. (5)
  • Chiropractic care appears to improve a patient’s ability to adapt to stress. (6)

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