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A Chiropractor for Missoula

Our mission is to be a practice in the Missoula community that through the Chiropractic adjustment enables our members to move towards health in every aspect of their lives, while inspiring others to do the same.

Meet Dr. Liz


I am Liz.

I have two places I call home, the first is Australia and the second, where I live, is Missoula, MT.

I am a Chiropractor and owner of Primal Practice Chiropractic. I work with the power inside you that animates the universe.

I am a coach and owner of 5 Valleys CrossFit. I believe that we are all powerful beyond measure.

I was a collegiate tennis player and am on an ongoing athletic journey. I believe everyone is an athlete.

I believe that everyone should build a team that will have their back whenever they need it.

I believe that everyone has the right to seek their truth.

I want to educate people in the healing potential of their bodies and see how it can change their family and their community.

I want to leave a legacy of strong, empowered and enlightened families.


At Primal Practice we test your nervous system for function rather than symptoms. That is why on your initial visit you will have a complete health assessment.


Keeping you functioning at your highest level is very important to us. This is why we recommend ongoing care, however we will never force you to keep coming.


Chiropractic care is for the whole family. Ask us today how we can help those in your household to optimize their nervous system.

“Best chiropractor in town! Liz doesn’t use the typical “cracking” method most use, which I like. I’m not big on the cracking. She has a genuine interest in helping people and her office is very inviting, compared to several chiropractors and I’ve been to several! My 18 month old loves her, and the office and never wants to leave. “

Georgia Butcher

“I’ve been to chiropractors before, only to receive the same, generic adjustments and treatment. But Liz is so different. EVERY visit is specific to me and I’m eternally grateful for the changes she’s been able to make in my body. No hesitation in recommending her!”

Ashley Corbally

What We Do

Not your “typical” chiropractor.

Community Wellness

Our vision at Primal Practice is to lead a tribe to create a movement of healthier, happier humans.

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Corporate Wellness

Are health & vitality contagious in your workplace?

Find out how it can be!

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Empowered & educated state of readiness, specific to childbirth that is achieved through an evolved practice in fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, mindset

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